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Unfortunately it has very irritating bug. Sometimes after doing a searching (CTRL+F) the pdf window get’s on top of all windows and stay that way no matter what I try to do.

DIsaster !!

Annotation dosent work ! I download this application for free handwroting with my digital pen at the univesity but it dosnt work at all !!! :-(

Very nice program

I found this much more readable than Adobe Reader. Which is why I was looking for an alternative & this fit the bill for me. Thank you!

Very good

I use bookmarks, text, annotations. all works perfect.

Very good app

Easy to use and convinient.

Great! Now only if it would allow keyboard shortcut configuration.. :)

Great! Now only if it would allow keyboard shortcut configuration.. :)

Tried many and this won out

If there is a PDF reader out there I have tried it and deleted it, with the exception of this app. Very easy to use for form filling, which I use for contracts and other emailed forms to businesses and never have any issues. Just download it and use it, you will be happy with it. Have not paid for the app, just using the free version. --Boats47

Signature does not work

The one thing I downloaded this for and it doesnt work. Consulted the documentation over and over. I created a signature in the signature library. I clicked the signature and the box goes away and an empty box gets added to the doc with no signature in it.

Works as It Should

This App does what it says it will. I am able to open pdfs and edit them without problem.

works like a charm

works like a charm one of the best PDF readers I have ever used

A Good PDF Viewer

No doubt PDF Reader is better than any similar apps I have tried. However, I have noticed it lags considerably when viewing PDFs larger than a couple of pages. Sometimes with 3-5 seconds delay time, which may not seem like much, but when trying to scroll through pages, it gets pretty annoying. This only happens on documents larger than 3 pages, normally. Also, it keeps asking me to rate it…every time I open it…even though I already have.

Light weight PDF reader

Great tool for PDF. It’s lightweight than acrobat reader. Loads fast and quits fast.

Needs Additional Features

Very nice to have a PDF editor. But, the print function does not allow selection of specific pages to print in a grouped print, e.g., 1-3,5-7,10,13. Also does not have option to set margins on page, set a print scaling factor or to just say fit to page within the margins assigned.

PDF Reader

Maddening. I am not computer savvy but this device is in no way intuitive. I used to blame myself for tools that I found difficult to use but now Im inclined to blame the designer of the tool. Also, as I manipulate it on the page it looks kinda ugly. Why can’t you make it look cool? You’ve really got to spend a little more time designing for klutz’s like me. Talk to some of them; you need to do a better job of understanding people who just want to get a job done, elegantly and don’t want to get tangled up in a klunky process. Good luck. Thanks.


A great program, complete, full of wonderful features, clear interface, easy to use. It definitely surpassed my expectations.


This app was pretty good, not great, but it got the job done. I updated to Mac OS Sierra and now almost all of the functionality is gone. It barely highlights correctly anymore! No more drawing lines, circles, squares, creating text boxes, etc. That’s all gone, which makes it a far less functional than the “Preview” app that comes with your mac. OH, and you can’t zoom anymore and highlight! It zooms you out every time you try.

Annotation tools don’t work

I can only get a couple of the tools to work on any of my docs, and the help files are useless. I am not paying for the upgrade, because these features are supposed to come with the free version, and I don’t need the other features. Will be looking for another PDF reader and deleting this one.

Lots of Options, Faulty Basics

I’m unable to understand why the most basic aspect of a pdf reader program-reading and annotating-is apparently so difficult to realize. Too many options here with basics that simply do not work.

Really good

I like this PDF reader. It’s contains almost all the functions I want. Most importantly, it is free.

So far, so good

I did a clean install of El Capitan on my MacBook Pro and when I wanted to install my previuos PDF application, it wouldn’t install, for whatever reason. I found this little gem of an app and it works just as I need it to. I’m happy with it. It has basic functionality and isn’t overblown with too many features.

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